The DeStoner is the world's most popular destoner for roasted coffee.

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The DeStoner

The DeStoner has been offered for over 15 years with a no questions asked return policy. To date we have never had one returned. It is the industry standard for destoners.

Just open the hinged lid and you will find a small screen holding the stones. Most of the stones will be next to the gate.

Other destoners have large round screens with multiple ledges to hold beans. To make it worse you must disassemble their destoner to get to the stones. Then you will have to find a place to put all the parts. Even their hopper must be removed.

The Destoner can be used to remove green beans from a dark roast. It often will catch them from a light roast as well. It is the only destoner that makes that claim. That is clear evidence that it is the best destoner for removing dense particles that are close to the density of a roasted bean.

Many small roasters have little room to spare when it comes to placing a destoner. The destoner body is less than 10 inches wide. It is often placed on a small wire table over a container.

The DeStoner on table.
The DeStoner

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Advanced Auxiliary Equipment is a manufacturer of quality pneumatic conveying, blending, and destoning equipment for the Chemical, Food, and Plastics industry. Our manufacturing facility in Shacklefords Virginia features metal fabrication, welding, polishing, assembly, and 3d printing.


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