Loaders for Your Roaster.
No More Lifting buckets of Beans.

Roaster loader, no compressed air

Simple and Quiet!

No more climbing ladders to load your roaster. In fact, we are working on eliminating lifting bags for any reason.

Other loaders have a filter in the chamber above the roaster that may need to be cleaned several times a day. Our filter is a large bag filter on floor level. You will only need to clean it a few times a year. You won't have to climb up on the roaster to do it.

Our loaders are food-grade stainless-steel. Soft aluminum loaders can deform and leak. Those leaks can blow dust all over your roastery.

You won't have to worry about certifications or food inspectors. Stainless-steel is always the best choice for the food industry.

Other loaders have a heavy motor on the lid. Try lifting that standing on a ladder, leaning over on one foot.

With our in-house manufacturing we can make a lid to match your roaster in a few days. you will be surprised how affordable they are.

Other loaders can cost well over $10,000. We offer great quality at a low price. Made in America

Coffee Roaster Loader Video
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Coffee Roaster Loader

Advanced Auxiliary Equipment, Inc.

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Donald Rainville, Founder

Advanced Auxiliary Equipment is a manufacturer of quality pneumatic conveying, blending, and destoning equipment for the Chemical, Food, and Plastics industry. Our manufacturing facility in Shacklefords Virginia features metal fabrication, welding, polishing, assembly, and 3d printing.


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